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After more than 35 years of providing medical support to the commercial, scientific, and sport diving communities, Van Meter and Associates is proud to announce the formation of a new group dedicated to providing the same high-quality support to the tunneling industry.

This new group, operating within the Ocean Advanced Research division of the company, will provide medical support to meet all the requirements of hyperbaric tunneling interventions, including: complete ADCI dive physicals, chamber support and operation, accident management and 24-hour emergency medical response.

For over a decade, the physicians at Van Meter and Associates have provided all the academic and clinical training for doctors seeking board-certification in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine at the nation’s largest accredited training program in the field. As a result, our physicians have trained many of the other top doctors working in the field today. All of our physicians are not only board-certified, but have also completed the NOAA Diving Medical Officer training course(DMAC level 2d) and the UHMS Fitness to Dive course (DMAC level 1a), and have experience managing diving accidents both in the hospital environment and on-site.

In addition to highly-trained physicians, our group also boasts a full staff of nurse practitioners, certified hyperbaric nurses and certified hyperbaric techs. This skilled and dedicated group brings with them a diverse range of background experience, including: military, commercial dive industry, off-shore oil platform, intensive care unit, and emergency room work. Many of the techs are also trained and experienced Safety Directors, and all of our techs have extensive experience in hyperbaric chamber installation and maintenance.

Since 2005, our group has been represented on the Diving Committee of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, the committee responsible for liaising between the dive industry and the medical community.  Our group is also the primary medical group partnering with the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technologists to provide the training needed for certification as a Diver Medical Technologist.

With the tunneling support group of Ocean Advanced Research, you can be confident that you have the oldest and most experienced team of hyperbaric medical specialists at your side to provide the highest level of care for your divers and miners. No other group in the nation can boast the level and diversity of experience in hyperbaric medical care and support that the staff of Van Meter and Associates has accrued in almost four decades of working with the diving industry. We look forward to partnering with you to ensure that your employees receive gold-standard care on your next hyperbaric intervention.


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